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5 Chrome extentions to make your Google+ experience a fun

You would have read about the Must have Google+ Chrome extensions.What about those that make your Google+ experience a fun? What could make it fun? Some extensions really do it.I have ,here, listed out some handpicked plugins to make your experience a fun.

Plus One Cha-Ching!

All that this plugin does is play a sound “Cha-ching” every time you click the plus one button.Would be good if you love it.Or else the sound may seem annoying.Ready to hear Cha-Ching? Get it here…



-1 Minus One

It is okay that Google offers a +1 button but what if you don’t like a post? Go for -1 .Obviously the -1’s will show up only for those who have installed these extension.So start -1 ‘ing.(Psst…But do +1 this post) Get it here…


Color Plus

Want to see your Google plus bar on top in your favorite colour? Don’t have a second thought this extension will do that for you.Have a colorful plus.Get it here…



Facebook Like for google plus

Still like the Like button than Google +1? Then you need this.This extension will replace your +1 button with Facebook like – look alike button.Get it here…




Google +1 button For facebook

Got Google+ but unwilling to leave Facebook? You may like this.Google +1 button that will replace facebook like button.Not realistic but good.Get it here…



What do you think of these extensions? Hope thy were fun…Share your thoughts and views in comments…

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fazal mayar
fazal mayar

thanks for these extensions tharun, i will try to use them for G +.


I honestly never new about these lol... Thanks for letting me know these were even avaliable.

Gtu Result
Gtu Result

thanx for sharring........

i love chrome........


I have never heard about this add-ons. It looks they are very helpful. I am going to install