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Add color to your tweets with Twimbow

Bored of using the regular Twitter applications? For those who love colors here’s a great twitter app for you. Twimbow allows you to send your tweets by adding color to them. Whether it’s red, blue, yellow or green, Twimbow gives you several coloring options for your tweets. With Twimbow you can easily scroll between your columns, send @replies, retweets, DM’s and everything that a usual twitter client does. Not only these your can also play audio files and share them with your friends in your timeline. The dashboard itself displays rainbow color shades including a search bar.

Twimbow is can also be accessed from the Chrome browser. Twimbow for Chrome has recently been upgraded to it Beta version 1.2 including the following features:

  • Multi-account support
  • Color code your tweets and assign labels
  • Share songs with other Twimbow users
  • Dark and light skin
  • Filters
  • Special graphics and music tags (#rainbow, #rainy, #angrybirds…)
  • The Reader, to view articles /blog posts without leaving Twimbow
  • Save links to Instapaper
  • Share pics through Pikchur
  • Preview images from Twitpic, Plixi, yFrog, Pikchur, PicPlz,, Flickr, Twitvid, Imgur, Camera+, Lockerz
  • Preview and play videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Twitvid
  • Realtime monitoring of users, lists, keywords and tags through the Monitor
  • Share tweets on Facebook, Google Buzz or by Email
  • Powerful multi-tabbed profile browser
  • Audio notifications
  • Incredible speed!

Twimbow was earlier invite only service.But now it is open for public.Get Twimbow from Chrome Web Store or else log on to and start coloring your tweets!

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Green Pro
Green Pro

Thanks for sharing such useful information. Actually I am spending much time on twitter. Twimbow look very interesting. I am going to try this... :)

Olawale Daniel
Olawale Daniel

Hi Priyanka, thanks a lot for sharing this awesome information :)


There is a twitter app - prismtweets - which allows you to send color tweets longer than 140 characters along with emoticons.