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[How to] Share your Facebook Page with Animated Pictures and Share button

Have you seen some Facebook pages posting Animated Pictures on their Page? Have you ever tried to do it for your own page? Most of you might be eager to know about this. We, TechnoStreak recently posted a tutorial to insert Animated Pictures on Facebook by using some codes where some of the users felt uneasy to edit them.

This trick makes your Fans to get attracted the most. Most of the users share your page directly without noticing that it is a page’s link, they share due to an attracted animated picture posted by you. Still confused? Wait for a while.

Before starting this tutorial, I would like to thank people who provided us Comments and Feedback. Your support made me a way to experiment your ideas. I would like to receive further comments and feedback so that we still provide you better services on Technology.

And finally, here’s the tutorial.

To work out this trick, you need the following requirements:

  1. Google Chrome (Newer version Recommended)

I think most of you may have this stuff. After confirming that you have this requirement, just follow simple 8 steps shown below.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Navigate to a Facebook Fan page what you want to share.

Step 3: I think, now all Facebook pages might have got Timeline view. Click on the Gear box and choose Share.
You will get a dialog similar to this.
Step 4: Now right click on the white space in the Dialog and click Inspect element.

Step 5: Now find a code link similar to the below picture. If you scroll down or up for some distance using scroll arrows, you might get this. Just right click them and Choose Edit as HTML.

Step 6: Do you find a image link which is in JPG format? Just replace the link with Animated Picture link. Get Animated Pictures link from:

In the above picture, I have inserted a link of Animated Picture. Please keep in mind that pictures only from Facebook server works. If you specify a picture that is hosted in other sites, you can’t expect animation.

Step 7: Again, Right click on the Thumbnail of the Share Dialog and choose Inspect Element.

By doing this, you will find another code which contains a JPG picture link. Just Replace the with the Animated picture link which you used in Step 6. But here, the code looks similar to the picture shown below.
Step 8: Now right click on the code and choose Edit as HTML. Replace your Animated picture code.
I have replaced my Animated picture link in the code. Now it’s time to Share. After completing all the steps, give a click on white space of the Share dialog.  If you see changes in the Share dialog, you are successful. You can now click on Share Page button to Share your Page.

This method of inserting Animated pictures will give you a original Share button. Most of the people in my previous post asked to insert a original Share button. Thanks for your idea and feedback. Your suggestions made us to improve. We are happy to help you. You can comment on this now.

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