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[Trick] Install Userscripts without any extension in Chrome (Greasemonkey scripts)

Google Chrome had been supporting Userscripts in previous versions. But current updated ones refuse to install User scripts directly.It gives a message saying “Apps, Extensions, and User scripts cannot be added from this website“.Many say that google Chrome has drpped its inbuilt support to user scripts and needs extension to use it again.

It is not so actually.Google Chrome regards as an unsafe source for extensions as it is from various developers.So prevents the installation directly.But you can still install it without requiring any additional add-on by a simple trick.

  1. Go to the required userscript page on
  2. Click Install
  3. Your script will be downloaded and the warning appears as said above
  4. Just click ok and ignore it.
  5. Go to Settings > Extensions in Chrome.(Or just click hereĀ chrome://chrome/extensions/ )
  6. Open the directory where you downloaded the script to.Find the script file.
  7. Just select the file and drag drop to the chorme window with Extensions page.
  8. Your script will be installed.

This is a simple trick for avoiding Extensions such as Tampermonkey.Why go for an extension when we can still use the Chrome’s inbuilt support for userscripts.

This method is tested with latest Chrome version on Windows and Chromium on Linux.If in case it doesnt work for you you may go for using Tampermonkey extension from Chrome Webstore.

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