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Customize your Facebook using Social Fixer

Social Fixer is a browser extension for Facebook which is used to customize the features available in Facebook. You can add old features to your Facebook and also many attractive features can be gained on using this extension. For better Facebook interaction, Social Fixer gives your numerous options so that you can customize your Facebook.

Changing Themes and adding attractive features can be done using Social Fixer. The Features you can add up to your Facebook is

  1. Attractive Themes.
  2. Unfriend Tracker.
  3. Additional Chat Options.
  4. Preview of Image.
  5. Easy Reply to Comments.
  6. Notification Preview.
  7. Customize Home Layout.
  8. Post Stories Filtering.
  9. New Comment Notifications on Posts.
  10. Automatic Older Post Retrieval.

Not only the features above listed. You can customize additional features apart from this. The above features are described below.

Attractive Themes:
There are vast third party software available for changing the theme of Facebook. But Social Fixer contains many attractive themes. Sleeky and Shiny Themes might attract Teenagers of Facebook.

Unfriend Tracker:
The Unfriend Tracker keeps your Friend list always within its hand. When someone unfriends you, it shows the name of the person who have unfriended you immediately. Note that this notifies you the person who have deactivated too. The Person’s name will be shown here when he/she deactivates the account.

Additional Chat Options:
Separate Additional options for chat is available in Social Fixer. You can see the entire friend list on chat or limiting it to show the online friends alone or mobile users.

Preview of Image:
This feature shows the elaborate picture  size of any photo that is shown in any stories or posts. When you keep the mouse over the image, a preview of a large size will be floating on the screen.

Easy Reply to Comments:
You can reply to your comments easily just by clicking the ‘Reply’ option on any comment. The person will be tagged automatically. You can just put your text into the box and hit enter. Reply will be sent to the respective people automatically with a tag. When a comment is replied, it shows a green colour tick mark on the comment near the ‘Reply’ link on the comment.

Notification Preview:
When any notification arrives for your profile, you can preview the notification just by hovering on the notification. There is not need to click and navigate to the post.

Customize Home Layout:
You can group your posts on you home, arrange items in Left sidebar and also you can hide ticker option if you don’t like. Much more Customization for Layout is available in Social Fixer.

Post Stories Filtering:
Social Fixer provides features like filtering posts. You can now select friends from whom you want to receive updates on your homepage. By doing this, your Home looks beautiful as you live. 😛

New Comment Notifications on Posts:
      When any comment arrives on a post you commented, it highlights new comments automatically. This is more useful in many cases.

Automatic Older Post Retrieval:
     When you scroll down a page, Facebook sometimes automatically retrieves older posts. Most of the times, you must click on the Older Posts button to have a look on older posts. Social Fixer automatically retrieves older posts when we scroll down.

This Extension is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera 11 and also as a Greasemonkey script. I am sorry to say that this is not available for Windows Intent Explorer.

You can Download this extension by visiting their official website:

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