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Facebook theme for Google+ (plus)

Addicted to facebook’s interface? Still love it though you like Google+ ?? Then this is something what you would like to check out…

This Google+ : Facebook theme is a javascript that could be installed using a plugin like Stylish , or greasemonkey.It supports all major browsers like Google Chrome,Firefox , Opera, Internet explorer and Safari.

This script changes the CSS of the google+ when you load the page and makes it look like Facebook.Once the Script is installed Google  plus will give the look of Facebook on your browser.Get it from the link below.

  • You can install the script from HERE.
  • It is a open-source script and you can get the code from HERE.

I tested it personally and it works fine…

What do you think of this tweak? Would you transform your Google plus or not? Share your thoughts in comments…

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Hey dude, this is damn awesome :D


Hey its moreover like facebook yaar... Lemme try Google Plus. Okay ! But what happened to orkut beta ??

A problem, I cant login Google+
It sounds "You must be over a certain age to use this feature." even if i give more than the age 18.


Wow! Google+ really looks awesome with this theme when compared to Facebook! Wish I could try Google+ too! :(

Olawale Daniel@SEO Tips
Olawale Daniel@SEO Tips

Orkut is still there but I think it is not going to be working after all since Google plus is now active and it supports some of the features that Orkut have.