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Do Not Track Feature on Firefox – Now also on firefox Mobile

Are you a firefox user? Are you aware of the Do Not Track feature offered by firefox? When you visit websites on the internet many websites track your activities and behaviour to deliver you relevent ads based on your interests.This DNT feature when enabled informs websites you visit and their advertisers that you do not wish to be tracked.Yet this is just an appeal to the websites and if it respects you, it wont track your activities without any other action from your side.

This DNT was made available on the desktop version of firefox earlier and following its success and welcome from many users this has also been implemented on the Mobile version of firefox.This means Firefox users on Android and iOS will also be able to use this feature now.But at present it is available only on the beta version of Firefox mobile.

Have you enabled DNT Feature on firefox?Know it from the image below…
Do Not Track Indicator

If it is ON you have no worries.Else just follow the steps below on your mobile or deskto respectively if you wish to enable the DNT feature…

Enabling it on mobile is easy.Just go to the Preferences and Turn the Tell sites not to track me Switch ON.See the shot below for further reference…

Havn’t you enabled DNT in your Firefox desktop yet?Here is how to do that…

  • Hit Edit > Preferences
  • In the dialog box that appears,move to the Advanced Tab.
  • Make a Check on the option labelled Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked
  • You are done.Just hit Close.

Here is a shot of desktop dialog…

You now have less chances of being tracked.Websites that value your privacy and preferences will not track you.

How do you find this feature of firefox? Have you enabled it? Share your thoughts in comments!

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