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Fed up with New Facebook chat ? Try the Chat Mechanic

There was a lot of buzz about the Facebook’s new chat bar.And to specify, most of them were negetive. Though the new messaging solution was good to some, those offline friends showing up in the list and the scrollbar-less list annoyed many. Many wished for a revert back to the old chat.

But it is on the hands of facebook to restore the old chat.But we could do something to get rid of that chat list showing Offline friends.What could it be? Yes. A greasemonkey userscript.

A Facebook friend of mine, Vasan Rajeswaran , has found a solution to hide the offline friends from the list with a Greasemonkey script. The Script is named VasanSoft’s Chat Mechanic. This Chat Mechanic on installation, removes your Offline friends from the chat list so that all you see is only online friends as before.But you cant get those sorted as Lists you would have created.It brings you the Scrollbar too.

When I personally asked the developer, Vasan Rajeswaran, regarding the script, he said, ” The all new VasanSoft’s Chat Mechanic brings back the old Facebook chat style on your browser. It hides your offline/recent friends from the chat box and displays all the online friends properly.”

Installing it is quite easy! If you use firefox get the greasemonkey addon and Click the Script link below.
I you are using Newer version of Google Chrome , You would not need greasemonkey, as it has support to user scripts by default.

Click Here To Install the Chat Mechanic

Facebook Chat mechanic installation procedure

After installation your Chat would look something like the one below, without offline friends.

Click Here To Install the Chat Mechanic

Hope this would give you a relief finally.Now you could see all online friends.Share it with your facebook friends. Hit the Like button!

What do you think of this script? does it fulfill your need? Share your thoughts ad views in comments…

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Digital Imagination
Digital Imagination

i have read about it on many websites but did't find the link to it... now go it... thanks for posting..