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Mozilla brings Facebook Messenger for Firefox

If you are a frequent Facebook user or a social media addict, You would always have a open tab for Facebook, often checking notifications, news stream, chatting side by side doing your work on other tabs.Sometimes you may feel that tab disturbing when you have lot of work related tabs open.Or in other case you may accidentally close the tab losing the conversation you were having with friends.

With Firefox 17 and its Facebook Messenger for Firefox you can keep track of all Facebook happenings from any website you are in , as the addon is on the browser.With a single click you can bring up the Facebook side bar or can hide it temporarily while still staying in touch with your friends.

Where ever you are on web, feel like on facebook!

Know more and turn on the feature by heading here…

A Video on the Messenger shows crisply how cool it is…

Give it a try and share your comments…

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