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Run Firefox OS apps on Android with Firefox for Android


While most smartphone app developments needs special SDK and API for development, and uses a high level programming language like Java and Objective-C, Firefox OS apps are built using HTML, CSS and Javascript. This is what is used for Web development and Firefox OS uses such Web apps on it. Unlike other smartphones, since all apps on Firefox are webapps, it requires nothing but a proper rendering of apps to run on any platform.

With Firefox for Android, Mozilla has announced that users can install any Firefox OS apps and use them on their device. Though they are web apps it does not require you to go to the browser every time. You can install and use the apps just like the native apps on Android and the App icons show up on the drawer and the recent apps list too. You can also uninstall the apps just as you do for other apps.

Users can head to the Firefox Market Place to download and install apps of their choice. These apps will be rendered by the Firefox’s Gecko engine.  Existing Firefox OS apps will run with no change in code on Android. The apps will come as a Android app packaged as apk. It is also informed that not all apps will be as smooth on Android, which would be fixed in the days to come.

With this move, Mozilla aims at attracting more developers to make Web apps. This would increase the power of the Firefox OS as well and the developers can target both Android and Firefox OS. With a single cycle of coding, the developers can create cross-platform apps. This also serves good for the Firefox OS phones that are the cheapest smartphones available for as low as $25.

With a good App repository available most of the users would move towards Firefox OS phone rather than basic Android phone that delivers a lagging performance. This seems to be the ultimate aim of Mozilla’s move. However, the apps would run only on the Gecko engine and not on other third party engines. Lets see if this move proves fruitful to Firefox OS.



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Mozilla is pretty much optimized for Android and infact better than Chrome. They have adds on where is no extension is supported in Chrome as far as I know. Correct me if I am wrong. :)