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Turn your Firefox Address bar into search box as in Google Chrome

You might have seen that in Google chrome the address bar is used to search as well by just entering the search terms.If you have migrated from Chrome to firefox 4 or love that feature of Chrome you would sure miss it.Not a problem.Here is a tweak to change your address bar into a search box when you enter some keywords instead of a URL.Don’t worry it will still work as an address bar when you enter a URL.

  1. Type about:config in your firefox address bar (will also be a search box in future 😛 ) and press Enter key.
  2. You may get a warning message…Click the button I’ll be careful, I promise! to continue.
  3. In the Filter box enter keyword.URL ,and the entry will appear below.
  4. Right click on the entry and choose Modify.
  5. You will be prompted to enter a value by a pop up box named Enter String Value.
  6. Enter a corresponding value for different search engine from the list given below.Hit OK.Close the tab.
  7. Now entering a string in the address (may be search now) bar will perform a search in your favorite search engine.

Here is a list of values to be used for different search engines…

  • Google:
  • Bing:
  • Yahoo:
  • Ask:
  • Wikipedia:

If You want any other search engine, just perform any search on the search engine of your choice and in the address displayed in the address bar,just eliminate the query you entered along with any symbols like ‘+’ or ‘-‘ and the text following it.

for example,

  1. Searching for the keyword testing in Google the URL you get is, “,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=658f78b32cc70994&hl=en”.
  2. I have highlighted the keyword testing in the above URL.
  3. Delete the keyword and all the charecters following it.
  4. So you get “” which you can use as the value for keyword.URL entry in firefox configuration.

Can’t find the value to specify for any search engine?Mention the Search engine in the comment and i will help you…

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Is this supposed to work for Firefox 7 as well? I'm on a mac with the latest update and all the steps went smoothly but it still doesn't work..


Thanks to you Tharun! I was messed up with alexa web search! I didnt liked that! Even after disabling the plugin the alexa web search was found enabled. I tried this on my Firefox 4. It worked! thanks for sharing this. I also searched regarding this in Google. But I became tired on google! I found the solution but i didnt understood the instructions on other blogs. I really found this information informative. Thanks for Sharing!


My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

cvtharun moderator

Sure it works! i use this on Firefox 7 on Ubuntu.