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Update and manage your facebook stream within Google+ plus

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Not all have got invites to google plus.And not all with invites were able to register on google+.And those who were lucky enough, miss their friends who are on facebook, inside google+.What if you could integrate your facebook stream inside google+.Not a myth.It is possible with the Google+Facebook browser add-on from Crossrider.

Once the add-on is installed, You would be able to see a facebook button on the row of buttons to the right of Google+ logo.Clicking it will show the feed of your facebook account within Chrome interface.You no need to leave Google+ to check your feed unless you are intentionally forced to leave.

This application will request access to your facebook account using public API and will require complete access to your account.If you don’t wish to grant full access to any third-party application, this application will not suit you.

Currently the add-on supports only Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.It does not work with Internet Explorer due to some https security issue.Developers are working on it to fix.

You can get the Add-on from HERE.

What do you think of the add-on? Do you like it? Share your experience and views in comments…

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