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Get a Floating Facebook Navigation bar like on Google Plus !!!

Facebook users are exited to see the new interface updates from the Facebook team.Though facebook keeps updating its features, users have always been wanting to customize it more.This want is made true by some greasemonkey scripts.

Google+ users would be familiar with its new floating navigation bar that is placed fixed to top.If you want a similar one for facebook, you can get it with a greasemonkey userscript,Facebook Fixed Header.

This is really a well designed script that comes with an options or settings screen that allows further personalization.It turns the Profile link to the Profile pic icon making it much good to look.Also you can add the icon links to few other friend’s profile or most visited Facebook pages.Also a link to Top may be added so that when you are down the page, you can get to the top with just a click.

This script is from Stefan Koshy developed from another script by Will Haynes.

On firefox you will need Greasemonkey add-on and on Google chrome the inbuilt support to userscripts will help.

The working of this script can’t be explained better than the images below…

Exited?? If you want to try…sorry use this script Goto the link below and Click ‘Install’ button.

Get the Script from here!

What do you think of this cool script? Share your thoughts in comments!!!

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