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[How-to] Find out who removed you from Facebook friend list – Unfriend Finder [Working]

People on Facebook are too curious to know certain stats which facebook actually doesn’t provide them.One is Visitor count to their timeline and the other is List of people who unfriended them. The former one isn’t possible to predict unless Facebook itself reveals it. Yet some people fall for fake apps which claims to predict those.The later one is however possible.

There has been many apps which really worked telling the people who unfriended the user of the app.But many such ways were patched by Facebook as it didnot wanted people to know such info. Yet here is another working way that i found on the web. As usual here is a userscript to solve the problem.For those who dont know about Userscripts, these are small javascripts that are locally loaded on opening a certain URL by the browser.This method provides additional functionality to the webpage.

Unfriend Finder is one such userscript.Those who know about userscripts can verywell skip reading and head to this URL to install.Others just follow the steps below.

  1. Firefox users need a Extention called Greasemonkey for using userscripts.Download from here.Google Chrome users skip this(Chrome has built in support for userscripts).
  2. Go to this link to install Userscript.
  3. Find a big green button on the right top.Click to install.
  4. Click accept or allow or what ever to install the script,
  5. There is no step 5 because you are done.

After this just head to your facebook account in a new tab or reload the existing tab.You will find a new option called Unfriends on the right top of facebook home page.This one keeps telling you info of new unfriends.A new notification is generated bu the script to notify you of new persons who unfriended you.It also informs you about your friends who have reactivated their  account.

Note that this script can only track the unfriend actions after installing this script and cannot tell the old events.This is a local browser script and works only on the PC in which you installed and in the Browser in  which you installed. Facebook has no control or is not responsible for this script.It is from a third-party developer.

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