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Cut the Rope HTML5 version especially for IE9 users [Supports other browsers too]

If you are an iPhone,iPod,iPad or and Android phone or Tablet user you would have come across this addictive puzzle game Cut the Rope.Microsoft in collaboration with Zeptolab has comeup with a free HTML version of the game that could be played online with your browser.This is an initiative to promote Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9.IE9 has a good support to HTML5 and this game is one to prove IE9’s HTML5 functionality.The game works smooth same as how it would be on your device.

Cut the Rope is a puzzle game where a tiny creature Om-nom’s thirst for candies is to be fulfilled by you.Om-nom Arrives your doorstep with a note asking you to “feed with candies” and you are to solve the puzzle to deliver the candy held with ropes to Om-nom’s mouth, collecting the stars as well.You can play the HTML5 version here.

Remember another popular mobile game AngryBirds which came online on Chrome.It was in Flash.But this game now is in HTML5.

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