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Poke back your friends automatically using Facebook Autopoke [Working Script]

It is a real fun poking your friends and getting poked back and repeating it to see who responds fast or just to annoy your friends. But when we are busy with some other work we don’t like to poke manually.Instead we would love it to be automated fooling your friend who pokes manually while you have just automated it and sitting back on your chair and just watch your friend fooled.

Months ago we recommended users a Userscript which helped poke friends automatically.But it was coded to work with the old facebook interface and failed to work with Timeline as everything changed.Facebook also patched some ways of making autopokes as it will get more responses to the server and the poke feature was also not meant for what we use as.

Here is another script to the rescue.Simply call it Facebook Autopoke.Ya as simple as that.This script is developed to intelligently load pokes from the facebook at the dedicated poke page on timeline and executes to poke them back.Your friends will be surprised to see your response time and will get tired of poking you.You are a God until you disclose your secret!

Here is how you setup the script on your browser.

  1. If you are using Firefox you’ll need an Extention called Greasemonkey for using userscripts.Download from here.Google Chrome users skip this(Chrome has built in support for userscripts).
  2. Chrome users if you face trouble in installing userscripts try using  Tampermonkey for Google Chrome.
  3. Go to the Script page here.
  4. Click on the big Green Button saying Install.Click to install.
  5. You may need to restart your browser.

After you are done, head to the Facebook pokes page on your account.The script will automatically load and replace the default pokes page.The script checks for new pokes in the set interval and execute the poke back action.Just leave the tab open aside and your friends will get annoyed by your poke backs.

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