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Turn your favorite Webpages into Angry Birds Playground !

You might have played Angry Birds on iPhone,iPad, iPod, Android devices, PC , even on Browsers.But have you ever played Angry Birds on your favorite Webpage? Ever turned the webpage into their Battlefield? Seen them destroy the webpage while hitting the pigs? Now you can…

Promotion of business are now very innovative.Many scopes are available for advertisers.And online, they have the power to do anything they wish.Nokia Argentina has come up with one such innovative idea and this turns any webpage into Angry birds battlefield.The pigs now seek shelter on the webpage elements.The birds flee to hit them and also demolish the page on which pigs seek shelter.

A javascript bookmarklet is used to start the game.The game goes smooth and even challenging to hit the pigs as they sit anywhere on the page unlike the original game where they are on right of the catapult.Not just Angry Birds, there is another such game called  Fruit Ninja which is good too.

Just Drag the images below to your Bookmarks toolbar and click it on any page of your choice to start the game!


Enjoy!Leave comments!

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