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4 Gadgets For The Social Media Addict

Being a social media addict isn’t always a bad thing but it does mean that you are constantly trying to keep an eye on your Twitter and Facebook profiles, you may even be taking things further with LinkedIn and Quora. If you are using all of these then you are going to need some gadgets to assist you with your addiction. Here are the top 4!

INQ Mobiles

These mobiles are designed with social media in mind but without all the complications (and often unnecessary) features of a full on smart phone. This means that you get your normal phone calls and texting capabilities but on top of this you get full integration with both Twitter and Facebook. It isn’t just an app you install from a store either, the apps are already on the phone and are arguably the best out there on a mobile device. Complaints have come in stating that there is no point in a phone being built purely for a single purpose. Surely if you want just social from a phone then this is perfect?


I could have gone out and picked HootSuite here but considering I use TweetDeck it would b e silly to choose the one I know little about! TweetDeck is a fantastic way to keep an eye on all of your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and two that I am sure nobody really uses anymore, MySpace and Buzz.

Not only is it a great for those with just a couple of profiles but if you are managing several profiles you can have all of these appearing in the same TweetDeck which of course is incredibly useful.

Xbox 360

Now the Xbox 360 might seem like a system that was designed from the ground up to be a gaming console and this is true. Microsoft also made the console to be completely reworked whenever they needed it to be and this is where the integration of Twitter and Facebook comes in. Not only can Xbox 360 users Tweet and publish things to their wall on Facebook but there are many games now that also will allow you to update all of your friends on your progress with the game. It was always going to happen; gaming is becoming more and more social, which is fantastic!

Smart Phone

The truth is, if you are really addicted to the social media services out there then you are not going to find more access to them all in a single place (whilst on the go) than a smart phone. Of course the Apple App Store is among the best for getting all of the social apps you need but the Windows and Android platforms shouldn’t be forgotten by any means!

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