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Apple iTV – Specifications and features

Apple is one of the largest computer manufacturing company across the world. Not only computers. Also, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iOS etc. is manufactured by Apple corporation. Now it has developed up to a stage of designing Televisions. Recently, Apple published specifications and features of Apple iTV. It provides feature of full HD display.

We know, Apple recently designed an awesome application called Siri, which is famous now-a-days. They said that Siri has been enabled on iTV to provide users a better entertainment. Apple iTV has been rated as Smart Television. So, users can access internet in the television. iTV provides compatibility for running most of the Apple applications. iCloud and AirPlay feature is also added on iTV. The iTV is a super slim device and also a light weight device.

iTV offers multi touch technology on their screens so that users can use many hands for dragging or moving or selecting stuffs. The sound effects and clarity is also well appreciated for this device.

This is a dream of Steve Jobs. On his biography, written by Walter Isaacson mentioned this in the book. Jobs’ dream was to create such television with iCloud, Siri and much more features. It is very fine that Apple team worked hard to introduce such hardware which Jobs’ dreamt.

Let’s see the specifications of Apple iTV.

Apple iTV provides an internal storage of minimum 1 Terabytes of memory. It has been said that it provides 3D featured display in which glasses are not required for watching such 3D movies or pictures. Now you can say good bye to such glasses which sometimes becomes nuisance for watching a 3D movie or picture. It has a sleek edge and the screen size comes in 32, 42 or 50 inches. The screen is a perfect than a normal LED television.

Jobs is really creative, isn’t it? The price of Apple iTV ranges from 20,000 USD. The price may be high but it is worthy because they provide large number of features on a slim Television. But now, we have to wait for decrease of the price amount.

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