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Capture the scene around you in 360 degrees : Panono the ball camera


Photographs are always to capture moments, but partially, if you are using an ordinary camera. A new startup Panono claims to capture your moments completely in 360 degrees. The Panono camera is a ball shaped device with multiple cameras around the device which captures images around it when thrown high in air. Yes, something like Google street view.

The device having multiple cameras facing different directions, capture photos and merge them just like a normal panorama but in 360 degrees to enable user to look at any direction and at any level of zoom. The Android or iPhone , iPad app of the camera give the user the power to tilt or move or turn the device in any direction to view the scene at that spot of the pictured location. It captures everything, ground sky or the mid air. It captures even the bit that the photographer wouldn’t have noticed.


The Panono has 36 cameras on it and a buit in accelerometer to sense at what velocity the ball is thrown and calculates at what time the ball will reach its highest point on air and when the ball is almost still on the air, all the 36 cameras shoot simultaneously to create a 72 Megapixel masterpiece of your moment. Alternately you can also hold the device still on a stick to take a pic or even manually trigger a button to take a photo. The Panono when not paired with your smartphone, can store about 400 panoramas.By pairing the Panono with your smartphone you get the advantage of  easy upload to the cloud and instant sharing of the panorama on your social media accounts.


The Panono is built tough to resist drops from normal tossing heights.So you need not worry if you could not manage to catch it. The final design of the device has a 11 cm diameter and weighs 300 grams. It produces a 72MP image captured by 36 fixed cameras which are resistant to damage due to drops.This is surely not for serious or professional photographers who would like to take control of the shutter, but surely a perk for casual photographers who would like to have it all with almost no effort. It would be yours for $599.

Know more and support the company’s Indigogo campaign and get the discounted price for your Panono. The goal of the campaign is $900000 and by the ime of writing this article¬†$36,099 has been raised. If you just wish to contribute to this, you have many other options too. Visit the Panono campaign page.


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