Day Maker – iPhone Toaster ?! and Alarm clock

Would you ever put your iPhone in a toaster? I’m sure you wont unless you are pretty sure about what you are doing…But i would encourage you to put your iPhone in this toaster like device by Habitco.Day Maker is a bed-side iPhone charger as well as an alarm unit.This device also makes a perfect stand for your iPhone at night time.When it is time for your scheduled wake up,your iPhone pops up with a little added spring from your phone alarm (Don’t worry it wont pop out of the hub).If you wish to continue with your sleep,just snooze it by pushing your iPhone back inside.A traditional model alarm with latest technology based iPhone!

This product has not hit the market yet.The webpage for this innovative gadget says that the concept is available for partnership or purchase.It also has its listing on Kickstarter pending.If you are interested in partnering the project you may contact the designers.The official page of Day Maker is here.

What do you think of this cool charger/alarm hub? Isn’t it cool? Share your thoughts via comments!


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