LG’s Scanner mouse : Mouse that can also act as a scanner !

As the technology advances, the scale or the size of devices are minimized.And in most cases it is a must.Also in some cases smaller devices prove to be more powerful.May be it is true in the case of LG’s new Mouse that could also scan!

The LG LSM-100 is a new mouse from LG that can also scan the hard copies of documents.It has a special functioned button called as Smart Scan button on the left side of the mouse.Scanning is as easy as Hold the button and drag the mouse over the document to be scanned.It doesnt require one to move the move over in a specific pattern, but in a random way as wished by the user and the device renders the image in a good way to look like original.

And an addition feature to note is that it has an in built OCR( Optical Character Recognition) so that it could scan a textual material and convert into digital text! Obviously it can also act as a mouse,no doubt!

It can scan papers upto the size of A3 and can generate output on different file formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS and DOC.

Have a better magnified look…Dont forget to watch a catchy video below!

Watch a video of the device in action…

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Geo Jolly
Geo Jolly

Am waiting for its launch since its a very hand idea from LG making Life Good


It is a really useful device for students and helps to turn hard copies to soft copies...


This is the future of gadgets. More functions within one gadget.