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Microsoft Omnitouch : Turn any surface into touch interactive screen

omnitouch Prototype

Innovations are what that takes technology to the next step.And such innovations need to be of something new or to make an existing one better.

Microsoft Omnitouch project is a research project of microsoft and Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute .The Omnitouch device is designed to make any surface a interactive touchscreen with no calibration needed.This makes your everyday objects walls,tables,note pad, or any surface and even your body parts, hand palm etc., interact with you.

Currently, Microsoft’s Prototype is a bit bulky shoulder mountable device that looks similar to a Kinect that has a picoprojector and a 3D scanner.This device locates the surface you are working on in 3D space, to make the UI always accessible.

OmniTouch Shoulder mounted device

This is just a conceptual model now and there are many improvements to be done.In the course after much workout , the device may loose weight so that users don’t feel it bulky.

“We wanted to capitalize on the tremendous surface area the real world provides,” explains Hrvoje Benko

By this time you would have got reminded of Sixth Sense technology by Pranav Mistry… Yes Omnitouch is similar to it.Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense needs user to wear color markers on finger while omni touch doesn’t require any.Also Sixth Sense prototype was much easier to be worn like a neck chain where as the Omnitouch is a bulky shoulder worn device.

Also it is said Sixth sense could not distinguish Clicking and Finger hovering.But Omnitouch could!

You would like to watch this demo video of Omni touch Prototype…

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yes i saw this thing in the television a few days ago.. awesome creativity!!