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Microsoft to unveil Xbox 360 Diamond TV Service

Microsoft is about to announce its Xbox Diamond TV Subscription at the E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) this year.Microsoft will demonstrate this service that is a combination of IPTV and Xbox live Services.This service had been rumored for many months.The service is dubbed as Orapa,says the Winrumors report.Don’t mistake the image on right.

Microsoft is proposing a “virtual cable operator” which will be delivered over the Internet and charged with a monthly fee.Microsoft has also informed that cable TV operators can use Xbox 360 as a device to authenticate their existing users to watch shows and interact with their Xbox LIVE friends.A similar service from Microsoft is already available in UK using which Sky customers can use their Xbox LIVE avatars and interact during sports events.

Sky Sports Xbox Live TV interaction.

Microsoft is currently trying to sign necessary agreements with different labels and companies and is currently in last minute negotiations to secure the necessary agreements in time.Microsoft plans to make this service available in November.

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