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MicroUSB 3.0 to hit Smartphones and Tablets by this year end

At CES, it has been confirmed by the USB implementers forum that the smartphones and tablet devices will be equipped with microUSB3.0 ports.MicroUSB 3.0 is based on USB3.0 technology for smaller and compact devices.

Though the raw data transfer speed of  USB 3.0 is 5GBps,the MicroUSB3.0 will offer data transfer rates of 100 megabytes per second, or approx 800 megabits per second.It is said that a transfer of 15 minutes on USB2.0 will just take 1 minute and 10 seconds in the new technology.Transfer at high rates require more power.But in order to save power in mobile devices, the speeds will be less.

Also on MicroUSB 3.0 the mobile devices would charge soon as more power could flow faster.Since Size is the big rival to both the Technology and device manufactures, The USB implementers forum has even proposed to come up with a more compact port for better performance and smaller size.

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