Will the much awaited iPhone5 will hit stores in June 2011?

We already saw on this blog the rumoured features of iPhone 5.Although there have been a number of rumors about the launch of iPhone5, yet latest reports say that the iPhone5 is all set to be launched this summer and is expected to hit stores in June, 2011. Numerous rumors are already been spread about the planned launch of the new generation iPhone and the entire gadget market is abuzz with the leaked images and specifications of the iPhone5. In most sites it has been said that the iPhone 5 is nothing but a boldly revised version of iPhone 4.

According to most recent researches, Apple is working hard to completely redesign the iPhone and launch it in summer 2011. The new phone will don some special features like 4 inch display that will be a take on the larger screens that you can see in the most famous smart phones in the market. Apple’s next generation iPhone will be less costly than the other versions and may also feature a new integrated SIM card that can easily be configurated by any supported carrier.

The iPhone5 will also carry an updated version of A4 processor, already dubbed the A5 chip, in excess to a new Gobi WWAN chip that is already found in the Verizon iPhone. The Verizon iPhone has been designed to work on both CDMA and GSM networks. The 4 inch screen in the 5th version of Apple’s iPhone is a big factor that will be taken into consideration by most iPhone lovers as this will enhance the display and the beauty of the phone. This particular attempt has been taken by Apple in order to give a tough competition to the Tablet PC market.

There are some other reports that suggest that the new iPhone5 will run a multi-core A5 CPU that is powered by a dual core graphics core. It will also don an 8 mega-pixel camera unlike iPhone4 that had a 5 MP camera. The brand new inbuilt camera in the iPhone5 will be able to shoot 720p High Definition (HD) video. Given the number of Android gadgets that can shoot 1080p HD video, the Apple iPhone also has to upgrade itself in order to find its niche within this extremely tough market. Based on come previous complaints, Apple is perhaps going to change the location of the flash to reduce red-eye in photographs.

Most of the informations about iPhone 5 are rumors.We may not be able to come to a conclusion until Apple officially informs its release.

If you’re a gadget freak, you can look out for the newest version of Apple’s iPhone.And don’t forget to share your views about the iPhone5 news rumored around the web in the comment.

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