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Motorola to make bootloaders unlockable with a software update

Motorola unlocked bootloaderNews around the web and the sources report that Motorola will enable unlockable bootloader via an update this year.Motorola would release software updates for devices that would enable the bootloaders to be unlocked and relocked.This similar feature of bootloader was earlier implemented on Moto’s Xoom Android 3.1 tablet.

To show how this works , Motorola will be building all versions of their Moto-flavoured Android with the same unlocked source code.Such an unlocked bootloader would allow developers to install custom softwares different ROM and OS on the device.Motorola currently is waiting for approval from the carriers.Updates from Moto are expected in third or fourth quarter of this year.

The news was out by a tweet from Irwin Proud,who spoke directly to Motorola’s Vice President,Christy Wyatt.tweet mentioning about motorola's unlocked bootloader[Via]

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