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Nokia 808 PureView : New innovation on mobile Technology

We have heard a recent news passed in our ears that a mobile phone contained 41 MP of Camera. My three friends and I was sitting in a calm room, was reading a novel. One fellow suddenly entered our room with his new Android smartphone. He showed us a Facebook news feed about this news. The news was originally posted by a Page which contained more than one million likes. But we have to make sure whether the info is correct or not, so we went on google search regarding this. Sites which used to compare mobiles showed specifications of the new mobile which contained 41 Megapixels of Camera. The name of the mobile was coded to be Nokia 808 PureView.

When we saw the news feed, we just doubted whether it is a 41 Megapixels of camera or just 4.1 Megapixels of camera. We had a great confusion regarding this. One told it may contain 41 Megapixels of camera another told, “Hey dude, it’s just a rumor. Check the official Nokia website. It may be just 4.1 Megapixels of camera and it may be true as we heard a news from a page that contained more than one million likes.”. We were eager in knowing about the new Nokia 808 PureView. When we searched for this phone in Google, we found the news true. Yes, a mobile phone with 41 Megapixels of camera is possible. Nokia has lived it.

The all new Nokia 808 PureView was first introduced in Mobile World Congress (MWC). It got innovation awards for introducing 41 Megapixels of camera in a smartphone. It can shoot a video of Full High Definition of 1080 pixels. The picture captured with Nokia 808 PureView  can have a resolution up to 7728 x 5368 pixels.

While capturing, you can experience a lossless 4x zooming. It contains 1.3 GHz of CPU and offers 16 GB of internal storage. The phone supports up to 48 GB micro SD memory card. It attributes Xenon flash of range up to 3.5 m. It facilitates Automatic Flash on/off which depends on the environment.

Nokia 808 PureView can give 11 hours talk time for GSM and 6.5 hours talk time for WCDMA. It provides a screen resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. It provides USB mass memory of storing photos, documents, music etc.

The new Nokia 808 PureView is equipped with Symbian Platform. The device weighs 169 grams. It also allows Geo Tagging in which you can use it for automatic tagging of location in photos and videos.

The features are Awesome, Right? It’s a smartphone! Integration of 41 Megapixels of camera is a milestone for a mobile technology. It cannot have same all the features from a Professional Camera. Megapixel can improve the quality of the image amazingly.

The device can capture exact copy of the available environment. People say, it can capture a “natural” shot of the place, people or other stuff you capture.

I think this device might attract everyone’s heart! Who knows? Some might have planned to order it now! It may be you too! Be Patient. This device is yet to be launched in the month of May at Europe. The cost of the phone might be around 450 Euros.

Just have a look on a video which takes you a tour on the device Nokia 808 PureView:

How is it? Sleek and cool, Right?

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