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Ready for PlayStation Vita’s Augmented reality gaming?

PlayStation Vita has created much expectations on people looking for it.It has already been a dream for many to have a Vita Just for its specs.At CES , Sony has impressed everyone by showing off the Augmented reality capabilities of PlayStation Vita.

Augmented reality is a gaming concept which brings your real world environment into the game where in the characters of the game or the objects seem to exist in your world.In short with this concept, the player will feel as if the gaming experience takes place in his real world instead of virtual environments the classical games have till date.

PlayStation Vita will come with a set of six Augmented Reality cards to the countries of America and Europe.The Augmented reality¬† cards can be spread out on any surface of choice to use in the game as environment.Sony demonstrated the AR gaming on a game called Pocket Soccer.Just placing the AR cards on s surface and focusing the surface with Vita’s Camera, it dynamically generates the gaming environment.The amazing feature is that it remembers the position of the cards so that you can zoom or move your Vita while Playing.The video of this Game using AR is embedded below.Another game Reality Fighters too is a cool game with AR support.

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