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Samsung Smart Windows : Turn your windows interactive

Ever thought of  turning your window glass into an interactive touch screen module which you can use to do small web based activities or as a TV?Such thing is what Samsung Smart Window is.It is a 22 inch transparent touch screen module which is an 2012 innovation award winner at CES.

The demo of the window at the CES enables to see the Las Vegas city out side of the CES expo building.The Apps and other widgets overlay on the outside background.It has a resolution of 1366 x 768 and is completely transparent and what you see is private.The person at the other end doesnt know what you are seeing but can see you draw or wave your hand on the window glass.Guess yourself what it would be like…

The back light is satisfied by the sunlight during day time and edge-lighting is used to make the display bright during the night.Normal LCDs are just 5 percent transparent.But this Smart window is 20 percent transparent.You would be surely amazed of the virtual Blinds on the window which controls the flow of sunlight into the room.

This is really a technological achievement to be appreciated.I has always wondered of a sun glass which has a display visible from the inner side only.May be the advancement in this technology will bring that live.Lets see what else has to come based on this…

Below is a demo video on the Smart window from Samsung

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