Shopping for a Blu-Ray Player ?: Brand Comparisons

Blu-Ray players have the ability to offer some of the best quality images and sound available for a media player. The trouble is many people aren’t quite sure how to choose the best quality players at a price they can afford. Research is the answer to this problem, and understanding what to look for when doing this research is essential in finding the perfect blu-ray player to fit your needs.

Sony BDP-S580- $107.40
This Blue-Ray player has faster than average speeds and can offer some of the best streaming media devices available. This includes Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Slacker, and CinimaNow. The only drawback is that the interface is a little unorganized and this can lead to frustration when trying to deal with the settings. The ability to play Blu-Ray disks, including BD-R media, is slightly above average but its real advantage is the streaming media available.

Panasonic DMP-BDT210- $136.50
The biggest advantage that the Panasonic DMP-BD210 has is some of the fastest load speeds you will find on any Blu-Ray player. It also features the major streaming media including Netflix and Pandora, but is slightly more limited than the Sony BDP-S580 in this aspect. The interface is extremely simple, and easy to use with a touch free tray opener. The one major downside, other than the lack of the media services, is that this player is also missing on board memory, which stops the user from accessing BD-live features.

The Samsung BD-D6700- $199.00
This Blu-Ray player offers great quality in almost all features. The streaming video services are comparable to almost every other Blu-Ray player on the market and it even includes both MLB.TV and CinimaNow. It also carries 1GB of on board memory, which is more than sufficient. One feature that also stands out on the Samsung BD-D6700 is the dual HDMI outputs, which can be very useful when taken advantage of. The price may be the biggest complaint consumers have with this Blu-Ray player and this is because it is fairly simple to find an equal player with one HDMI output at a much lower price.

The LG BD670- $149.00
The best thing about the LG BD670 is its simple interface and navigation, which makes it perfect for the average Blu-Ray consumer. Also included is the built in Wi-Fi. The player still offers all the major streaming media and even adds a few extras like MOG and Vtuner. On the negative side, the LG BD670 contains no on board memory and the load speed of the player is extremely slow, which at times can be extremely frustrating. This is probably the simplest of the players, which attracts many consumers to it.

Sony Playstation 3- $249.99
This is the most expensive of the players, but it offers so much more than any of the other players. These features include a large hard-drive, HDMI output with 1080p, no external power supply, free online gaming services, and great Wi-Fi capabilities. The only bad thing anyone could consider with this player is that it may be too much. If you are someone in the market for just a simple player, then the price and the features are just too extravagant. This is a very energy efficient machine and can offer hours of entertainment, and while the price is high for a Blu-Ray play it is actually very affordable for a gaming system.

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