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Siara : Audio streaminig device – Broadcast audio from anywhere

A few weeks before we saw about Sling box TV streaming device which could stream your TV and could be accessed from anywhere.

Today lets have a look on a device based on place shifting technology, Siara.Siara is a simple yet effective audio streaming device that is designed to stream audio from anywhere in the world.The stream can then be picked up from anywhere in the world.Stream from anywhere in the world using your iPhone, iTunes, Sonos system or internet radio compatible device.It is designed by Navid Gornall of UK.

Using the device to stream is just a push.Place the mic in any environment of your choice or in a room if you want to stream your voice.Pushing the button on the mic,you are on the air.

The system is designed elegantly with Walnut and Aluminium and gives a classic look.It comprises of two units,The mic and the server.

Share your stream with the world…Each Siara system has a unique streaming url which is provided to the user.The user can choose to share or not.

The official press release of Navid Gornall reads the following lines about the reason for Siara’s creation,

Siara was created out of a desire to appreciate silence, an increasingly rare commodity in
the western world. We have become accustomed to the constant drone of undesirable
noise which affects our mental and physiological processes. Everyone should appreciate
silence, yet each individual?s idea of what silence is differs. For one person, silence is a
sufficiently low noise floor that allows them to hear the birds chirping in the trees in their
own back garden. For another, it’s the sound of a busy road or a constant ringing in their
ears (as is the case with tinnitus). Every individual should be in control of their sonic

This video would give you a better picture of  Siara…

SIARA from Navid Gornall on Vimeo.

What do you think of the device?Share your thoughts in comments…

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