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Slingbox – TV streaming device arrives India : Never miss your TV program again

Slingbox is a TV streaming device,a pioneer in placeshifting technology.It is the product of Sling media.Using slingbox you will be able to stream your TV,Satellite or any disc player over a broadband internet connection and you will be able to view the same from any part of the globe in any internet enabled PC or mobile device.It is nothing but you see TV from a remote place using the same connection at your home.

Confused why one may want it?Well,there are a lot who wants it.Many do not want to miss their favorite TV shows,want to be entertained during journeys,during work some want to have a short look on the current affairs or the game scores and many such reasons.

The image below would explain you the basic circuit of Slingbox,

Installing your Slingbox is not a matter if you are familiar in connection your disc players,Game consoles,Set top box and such.Once you connect you will have to create an account so that you can use that to sign in from a remote place to watch your streaming.And if you want to stream it on your smart phone,you will have to download the SlingPlayer mobile app which is available in major app markets for $29.99

Isn’t it good that you stream your own connection.All it matters once you buy Sling box is your internet plan tariff and its features.It is good only if a good connection is enabled on both sides.It will also be useful for many who want to stream something else than TV or Media players like CC-TV and the like.

The basic version of the product is Slingbox 120 that streams standard-definition (SD) content will cost 7,999 and Slingbox PRO-HD will cost 14,999 for a high-definition viewing experience. Also, Sling Media offers SlingLink , which simplifies the home internet network connection and provides fast, smooth video playback at an MRP of 4,999.


Are you planning to buy one?What do you think of Slingbox?Share it in comments…

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