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5 Wicked New Travel Apps 2011

Hundreds of smartphone applications have been developed for a variety of entertainment and practical uses. This includes an assortment of travel-related apps that help enhance the experience of travelling and exploring a new city or destination. Below are just 5 of the best travel apps in the market today.


Are you in a rush to finalize your travel details? Then the free Kayak app is just the right application for you. Downloadable for a variety of smartphones, the app design is very streamlined and accessible to even the less technologically savvy traveler. Destination and date preferences are selected by the user and the application churns out a list of possible flights along with seating and pricing information. With the new app upgrades, it is now possible to search and book hotel accommodations through Kayak.


The screen image of the FlightBoard application shows a similarity to the flight information boards in airports all over the world. Following the streamlined design of the boards in Charles de Gaulle Airport, this neat application works on the same principle; airline and flight information is posted and updated to make sure that you do not miss your flight. As a user, you can also send out the flight information to other people if needed. This is a very handy application for the frequent traveler.

Help Call

Emergencies could happen anywhere and anytime. This smartphone application automatically detects all the critical emergency contact numbers in the city or country you are currently staying in and places it in your iPhone. The application can be used in 126 countries and supports 5 different languages. Four brightly colored buttons display symbols for the police, fire, friend, and ambulance. A simple press of the button transfers a call to the nearest hospital, police station, and fire station.

Mi Phone Book

Having a solid phonebook is parmount you need to find phone numbers fast, The Mi Phone Book helps iPhone users to efficiently manage their list of contacts. The application works like a social networking site; you need to register in order to create a profile. All the changes made to your profile are immediately sent to your list of contacts, who will receive automatic updates in their iPhones or Mi Phone Book list. The application manages all of your phone book information, ensuring that all information is current and updated.


Craving for Japanese food at 11 pm in a city you are not familiar with? Then Yelp is the handy application for you. Yelp is a user friendly application that provides information on local restaurants, bars, gasoline stations, hotels, and just about any establishment in any specific location. Reviews and recommendations from clients are also included, which is really helpful for travelers looking for reliable information. Yelp is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones.

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Written by James a Techy Travel writer from London UK come and say Hi @FirespinJay also liek to Fire Juggle Hense the crazy name!

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Informative article. These apps looks very helpful for make our travel easy.

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I like the emergency stuff, if you also lose your iphone you could retrieve it i guess.