Gecko : Increase your phone’s smartness with this bluetooth tag


Gecko , the coin sized low powered bluetooth device similar to Tile produced from silicon valley, over ruled the normal pre-order expectations. The Bangalore-based startup company called Connovate Technology was looking for funds for increasing its production and it got a huge boost up, in funding by a 100$ contribution and a tweet about gecko by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Gecko, which is a mere 30 mm x 30 mm x 5.8 mm (compared to Tile’s 36 mm x 36 mm x 4.2 mm) can be attached to any valuable items like wallets, bikes, suitcases and even pets so you can trace them through your phone if they go missing.

It also has additional features such as Camera Trigger when paired with a camera, Pill remainder when put in the pill box of some elderly you care about, Music Remote Control for your sound system , or even track and find motions detected with the help of Accelerometer built-in Gecko. It can also provide intrusion alert every time the door opens when a Gecko is stuck on door. Gecko has an extension port to connect with other devices.

Under the campaign, in eight days between September 11 and 19, Gecko had raised about $2,645 from 67 funders but after the tweet from Steve Wozniak, the amount had touched $20,174 and the number of funders stood at 580 rising funding by nearly eight times and the number of funders by almost nine times.

Now that the campaign for fun raising has ended, unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to contribute. But what you can do is wait for the commercial release of the product. Gecko mass manufacturing begins later this year. What’s great is that the company is developing an API to help app developers make their app gecko compatible or to develop apps for Gecko.

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