3 Tips to optimize your Android for faster Gameplay

Android phones are mostly used for Apps than for calling and messaging.And in particular the apps are mostly games which help to kill boredom.Coming to games in particular almost everyone prefer HD games.But the problem is there are a wide range of android phones in the market and not all support HD games.And in some low end phones many experience crash during game play.

So many have a question.My phone runs the game but not so smooth as it should be what should i do? I get these kind of questions through mails.But unfortunately we cannot increase RAM or install a Additional graphics card as we do on Desktops.But still there are some ways which could help you to improve your gameplay to some extent.

Remove unused Apps

This is almost what you could see everywhere when you look for solutions to slow running of phones.With the Google Play Store hosting tons of apps most users experiment with various apps but keep it unused.These could be considered for removal.

Stop unwanted Running Services

This accounts a major role.By navigating to your Phone’s Setting app > Applications > Running Services , you could see a list of apps running in the back ground eating up your RAM space.Select and Stop the apps which you don’t want to be running all time.Make sure you have the maximum possible free RAM space.

Put your phone in Airplane mode

Yeah, it works.Normally you phone keeps communicating with the network.If you are a frequent gamer, you could have experienced slowing framerates and strucking of games for moment when receiving messages during game play.When you are playing a game, part of your phone is still in us for this (Common its a phone it obviously does…).But if you are sure you don’t want network connectivity at that time, you can switch to Airplane mode so that your phone could concentrate on the game.Don’t forget to revert back to normal mode so that you don’t miss any important calls or messages.

These tips would not guarantee a great gaming experience.But it would make it the most that your phone can offer you.If you are running HD games on a Low end Android Phone you could not blame on the slow game.By following the above steps it would be better than before.

So if you find it useful please leave a comment…Also share your tips for the same cause if you have any…It would help us 😉

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