Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Ported into Nokia N9

Developers often try their hand on something new challenging themselves to prove something possible. It is even true that many such developers bring us something new.Nokia’s N9 device running Meego was a good treat for developers due to it’s open nature of being able to customize easily.

Alexey Roslyakov and NITDroid team have already tried to port ICS into Nokia N900 but it was not a complete success as the device was struggling to run ICS. But this time their try to port ICS into N9 is better than their previous try.The demo video (embedded below here) shows a smooth menu and Phone Navigation.Currently the device has two OS on dual boot.Pressing the volume up key loads Android on boot.

Forcing a device designed for a OS to run another is a bit complicated and in this case too having the N9 hardware to run on android has been a real challenge.N9 users do not have easy methods to do this right now.The project is under progress and needs a lot of work for GPU acceleration and those radios to work with Android.

Also another problem is that N9 doesn’t have enough buttons to serve Android navigation.This would need permanent on screen buttons to solve the need.All these aren’t going to be as easy as speaking.Let us see what the NITDroid team has to for bring us.

For now, if you want to know more visit and if you wish to donate for this project visit this thread.

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