5 New Android Apps you should not miss

There is a new Android app even the time you are currently reading this.But not all are useful and efficient and also among those only a few are popular.One can say that power of Android is its Apps.For the case any smartphone’s power is the apps available for it.Android users are lucky to have a ocean full of Apps.Here are few must try apps that were released recently.

#1 Angry Birds Space

Most of you would have already downloaded and played this.This version of the game gives a mental challenge for the player to  calculate the path of bird in the gravity field over the planets.And the best move fetches you move points obviously as in the case of classic Angry birds.There are few new Birds too.Don’t miss to give a try.

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#2 Temple Run

The most awaited game which was previously available only on iOS arrived Android.An addictive arcade game that requires you to navigate an explorer away from the temple where he takes away a cursed idol and now needs to escape for his life.Jump,turn, Slide and move left and right to collect coins and avoid hurdles.These are what you have to do.But harder than it sounds 😛

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#3 Instagram

Another app for Android after its success on the iOS. Instagram for Android makes it easy for you to add borders and filters to your photo to give it a vintage look and feel.Easy sharing of photo on social websites and the app makes possible to have all your friends’s photos in a place.

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#4 Dolphin Browser HD

A fast and cool browser for your Android.A recent update to the Browser has brought a lot of change.It is a complete browser that gives you a desktop browser like experience.This browser gives you the power of Add-ons, Voice commands, Gesture controls, Tabbed Browsing  and side bar to make your browsing ease. You would not go for any other browser after this.

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#5 Cut the rope – Experiments

Yeah its the same concept of feeding candy to Om-nom but in this new game you have to get a bit technical to deliver the candy into  Om-nom’s mouth.Surely a killer of boredom…

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So do you have any other cool app to share? Mention in the comments area…

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