Mighty Text : Android App that lets you message from PC through mobile

If you are a person who is always on PC and want to read and send text messages from mobile phone side by side, then Mighty Text is just an App for you!

Mighty text is an android app that synchronizes messages from your mobile and shows them on your PC also allowing you to text right from the PC.Mighty Text uses your Google ID for authentication and contact sync.

The App acts as a mediator between your phone and PC through Internet( Wifi, Packet Data or any).Mighty text retrieves messages from mobile and shows on your computer.You can also text message from your computer which is sent to the app which in turn communicates with your phone’s messaging app to send the message.

Mighty Text is a free app that uses your mobile to send messages through your carrier.It does not actually provide free messaging, but just establishes a connection between your mobile and PC though Internet allowing to text from anywhere without wanting to have the phone in hand.

The Desktop client is your browser where you can navigate to the app URL.Also Add-ons are available for popular browsers likeĀ  Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Safari and Internet Explorer. Mighty text gives you popup notifications on new messages and calls right on your computer.

Mighty Text is really one Mighty app for texting if you are on you computer more frequently than mobile on hand.

You should sure give it a try.Available free on Google Play Store.
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