Top 10 Cool Augmented Reality (AR) based Android Apps


If you haven’t heard about Augmented Reality a.k.a AR , it is a technique used by application developers to overlay a digital layer over the real world environment around you.With AR you will be able to see Digital world elements in your real world.For example, characters on your game stand before you in the place in front of you or a marker pointing you the exact way to where you want to go and more.

Recently AR is slowly making its way into common use of people.We had already discussed about the PS Vita that uses AR technique to provide immersive gaming experience.If you are an Android smart phone user i would recommend you to check out the cool apps listed below to taste a bit of AR.


Wikitude is an AR based real world browser! This is a social browser that shows you details about the places that surround you in an AR layer.Just pointing your phone on the view of the street you are in, it points the hotels, shops, places your friends visited and a lot more.You can mark your favorite place too so that your friends can feel it helpful… So just install the app and get down the streets to discover something interesting!

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2.Peak AR

Another cool AR based app to help you know the peaks better.Are you up to a new place? You find some peaks of hills or mountains cool? Just point your phone’s camera towards it and this app will tell you what peak it is  and some info on its height…not just one peak…this app can point you a hand full of peaks together with their names.

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3.Satellite AR

Ever wondered what satellites are currently above your head? the Geo stationery sats, that serve you? Know them and their positions just ny pointing your phone towards the sky using this App.

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4.Geo Goggle

This app gives you enough information about your current Geo location like lat-long Address,altitude and positions you in a map.Also points towards the place you are looking for with its distance from you.

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5. 3D Compass+

This AR based compass shows you a 3D compass suspended on your current scene of vision and gives you information like the speed in which you are moving your direction and angle of vision , your location and position on map with address and lot more!

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6. Car Finder AR

This app points your car in its location with AR. Manages up to 3 cars at a time.Just shake to record the location.Also  Store a log on Google Calendar, get driving/Walking directions to your parked car, home screen widget for saving location with just one click, Parking meter alarm, Parking timer and review your activity with location history.

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7. Sky seige


Start pointing your phone around your environment.You are being attacked from all directions! Shoot the copters that approach you from several directions to win the game.Really an immersive gaming experience.

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8. Augmented Piano Reality

An example for interactive AR experience. Just draw a simple Piano of 7 keys in any piece of white paper and set up your phone focusing the paper on the plane surface. touch the screen to initialize and start playing the paper piano and your phone will play the notes…

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9. Droid Shooting

A simple but cool AR shooting game.Shoot the Android Sprites that move around you.Change weapons to tackle a group effectively. Similar to the Sky siege discussed above.

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10. Shake Fighter

Play the classic Rock, Paper and Scissors game with your android phone just the way you play with your friends.This app can decode your gestures and actions and also keeps track of who wins the most.You can choose between the AR and classic modes of gameplay!

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That’s all for the cool ones list now… Stay in touch and visit often for more such collection.

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What do you think of the apps listed above? Share your experiences… Missing something even cool? Please share ’em in comments…

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