Could Siri be controlled with mind? : Realistic Viral Video

Project Black mirror is what they call it as.A group of three claiming to have made a circuit which would help you command Siri just by thinking.Mind controlled iPhone 4S where Siri acts as a mediator.

Voice control is a great thing.It has proved to work too.But Mind control? Can it be achieved? Even Siri’s voice recognition misinterprets in some occasions.Handling impulses from brain is something hard to do, at least for current technology.Our mind too is not thinking focused only on particular thing.Human mind is known for lot of distractions.Extracting the command we like to give siri with just few electrodes kept in contact to forehead isn’t going to do anything.

But the team has put up a realistic video that shows mind-controlled Siri in action.This recently has gone viral on web.And many claim it to be fake, it is too.The circuit the show is iPhone 4S connected to an Arduino board which is connected to a Macbook.All you need to do is think wat you want to do and circuit does the rest.This is what the hackers say!


Those Matrix animation on screen and flickering LEDs on the circuit woul give a picture of something extraordinary for those with no technical idea.This is actually not possible with their circuit.Brain pulses are in microvolts and do they amplify it?and many other questions that make us think are in here.

This concept may become true in future.Even though it is true, those wires or electrodes on our head wont give a good look.May be for some other purposes mind control may be effective and useful.But for a phone? Does technology want to make you even dumber?

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