So, this is how the iPhone 6 will look? : Leaked images


We have already seen that Apple is planning to build larger iPhones for the next version iPhone 6. Supporting this information there have been many mock-ups claiming to be the next iPhone that actually looked awful. But this image now, leaked by Sonny Dickson, seems to be the real deal. He has been successful in the Apple leaks many a times. The iPhone 5C was just as leaked by him saying the new budget iPhone.

The new iPhones are expected to be in two sizes 5.5 inch and the 4.7 inch model. Seems like the gags about increasing iPhone sizes is being proved true by Apple. Earlier, the size of Apple devices were designed in a way that you could reach every part of the screen with your thumb by holding the phone on your palm. But the new sizes are really difficult to be used that way.

The images feature two phones looking almost like bigger iPhone 5s with a glossy body. Just as always it has a clean front finish and an appealing look. May be this could be a false leak. But seems like there is nothing much different than size in the outer look of the phone and would be same in the launch too just like we have seen for he earlier releases.

To the surprise it is seen that the Chinese markets have already begun selling iPhone cases claiming to suit the iPhone 6, much before it is released. Not sure of Who is buying it though.

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