Latest Gossips on Apple iPhone 5

iPhone is always a magical product from Apple which had revolutionized the entire world. It had a great reach among the customers and people were dumbstruck to see the success of this gadget. These phone devices have given a new meaning to the mobile devices. It gives all the features in a customized manner and the fact is that it has generated millions of opportunities for the software developers. Apple is clocking billions of dollars as revenue through the sales of iPhones and at the same time, the developers of iOS applications also clock several billion dollars through their programming skills.
People just love to listen to the rumors and they seem to enjoy the news about iPhones. People from the age of 10 to 70 seem to enjoy the news about these gadgets. The reason is so simple and it is attributed to the success rate of the Apple devices. They have been a pioneer in the field of innovation. Their stunning devices with elegant design attract a large number of customers. So what is the latest rumor about these devices?

Latest rumor: The end customers are expecting a bigger screen for the latest iPhone model and Apple is trying its best to fulfill this requirement. The new version of iOS will allow seamless integration of applications and supports many new features. There is a greater probability to include the Gorilla Glass and Thunderbolt ports in the new device. However, most of the rumors about the specs of the devices are not from the authenticated news resources.

What is Gorilla Glass?

iPhone devices are famous for their sleek models. They are light in weight. Their screens are most likely to scramble with an accidental touch of a heavy metal or device. The edge-to-edge screens are supposed to be replaced with Gorilla Glass which are chemically strengthened. These would be considered as super-thin materials which will add value to the product. This can be a predictable addition to the latest launch.

Use of Thunderbolt:

Apple has obtained new patent regarding the Thunderbolt technology which increases the deployment of such ports in the new devices. It makes the transfer of files, music, pictures and movies easy. A Thunderbolt port in a desktop computer will allow a data transfer up to 10 Gbps. If you plan to view the favorite television programs and other movies in your mobile device, this technology will help you to transfer the files in a matter of seconds.

When Is The Launch?

Everyone is excited about the launch of the new version of iPhone. People close to Apple suggest that the launch can be expected during the Fall season of 2012. However, this can be pushed back or postponed and there is no authoritative information from Apple.

Apple is doing its best to include more sophisticated features in its gadgets. The smart phone market is predominantly dominated by Apple in the North America and European continents. However, Samsung is really catching up fast with its Android versions of smart phones which are at least 30% cheaper than Apple. Hence, Apple has to have a competitive price range for its products.

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