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Flaunt yourself with 5 latest sleek and stylish Smartphone models

First impression sure is the last impression and it does not only apply to person but to everything. While buying a Smartphone, everyone keep one thing in mind for sure and that is appearance. Even though high mega-pixel camera, android software and 3G facility do contributes in the decision of buying any phone but the major part has always been its appearance. In this competitive world, every company is trying to sell their product more than others and in this race they are launching similar looking models. The following Smartphone have most stylish and sleek bodies plus all the amazing features that makes them different from each other.

  • Apple iPhone 4: The mentor of all the Smartphone, master of looks; Apple iPhone 4 is the tread setter for all the luxurious handsets. Apple is the first one to launch something with flat and basic model yet gorgeous. After the launch of iPhone every other competitor launched similar models and features in less cost but the originality never fades. Its industrial look with sharp angles and smart outlook mesmerize all crowd within few months of its launch.
  • HTC Incredible S: Ever since the android revolution hit the market, HTC has secured its place and reputation among everyone. Its innovative and smart handset is far more different than that of other Smartphone. Its uni -body designs, bullet and scratch proof covering, amazing mix match color schemes and brawny feel makes it desirable. It has all the facilities one is looking for from Wifi to 3G and incredible motion camera capability.
  • Google Nexus S: The features and abilities of this Google Nexus S model is similar to as of Samsung Galaxy S with android software and amazing 3G facility. But when it comes to looks, Google sure does left Samsung or any other company behind. Because of its curvy body, it easily covers the head and allows the user to get completely in contact with the phone while calling. Its unusual convex curved screen enables it to grab a suitable position in becoming the most stylish Smartphone yet.
  • Nokia N8: Unlike any other android phones in the market, Nokia is supposed to be the very first with the most distinctive looks apart from Apple iPhone series. Its sharp ends are properly suitable for ports and buttons. Its scratch resistant body is made of anodized aluminum which again makes it sleek and striking enough to dodge a bullet. Its incredible color schemes give the user a variety to look for.
  •  Sony Ericson Xperia Arc: one of the funkiest designs available in the market, Sony Ericson Xperia Arc has left back all other Smartphone in terms of unique and unusual looking model it offers. Its inward curve looking structure is similar to that of Google Nexus S handset but it flips over at the back which makes it very different looking from that one. Due to its innovative and creative craftsmanship it is an achievement in the market so far.

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