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Gestures on iOS 5 beta 3 kills Home Button!

Yes.But not literally.The new beta of the iOS 5 which was released to the developers has a new feature that would not tend us to take our hands to the home button.The Gesture is part of the iOS5’s accessibility features.

This new Gestures feature is a control panel on Assistive Touch that reproduces the functionalities of existing hardware buttons and more actions.This minimizes the needs of home, power or volume buttons on the iPhone and iPad running iOS5.

Once enabled,the gesture feature can be accessed from the tappable zone in the bottom corner of the screen or the overlay on the screen.It shows you a panel with Gestures, Favorites, Devices, and Home.The Gestures option has a sub menu for 2, 3, 4, and 5 finger gestures.When you create gestures,they are listed on Favorites.The Device menu item allows you to Rotate Screen, Lock Screen, Mute/Unmute, Volume Up/Volume Up, and Shake.

The hardware buttons would be necessary too for sure.It would be useful for those finding software based UI to be complex and also they will be needed to reset your device.

A video from 9to5 mac…

[Via:TIPB, Shots: @kyledziekan]

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