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MediaTek unveils its True octa-core ARM processor : Worlds first real Octa core CPU


MediaTek has unveiled its new mobile processor for smart devices that uses Multi-core System on chip (SoC) design to deliver high performance at an efficient power usage. The Taiwanese based company has used advanced scheduler algorithm, combined with adaptive thermal and interactive power management to deliver the benefits of ARM big.LITTLE technology.

You may claim that Samsung’s Exynos5 already poses an 8-core architecture.But the actual picture is that Samsung’s Octacore is a combination of  four Cortex-A15 cores and four Cortex-A7 cores and also only a set of four cores only can be put to use simultaneously.But the MediaTek’s architecture allows all the eight cores to be used simultaneously overcoming the known issues like over-heating and energy drain,in the big.LITTLE architecture.


The new processor can delegate user input to individual cores and rendering of 3D effects are smoother.This promises to enhance the user interface experience in a better way.Also advanced browsing feature on the processor has the ability to allocate the tabs to different cores.The multi-threading offered by the processor delivers improved framerate.

The processor on decoding mode, uses 18 percent lesser battery compared to current quad-core solutions for decoding HEVC (H.265) FHD video.The same on display mode provides frames increased to 20 percent.


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