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New Android Malware : DroidKungFu – Steals data and evades detection

A new Android malware is out spreading.DroidKungFu, the malware,escapes being detected by all popular antivirus softwares and attacks all Android versions upto Froyo (2.2).The malware is said to have its origin from China.

The two researchers, assistant professor Xuxian Jiang and student Yajin Zhou,of North Carolina State University, identified two infected applications which were found to be in circulation on eight third-party andriod app markets and forums based on China.Infected apps have been detected in Asia,but research for infection in other regions is going on.

DroidKungFu takes advantage of two vulnerabilities in the platform software to install a backdoor that gives hackers full control of your phone. Not only do they have access to all of your user data, but they can turn your phone into a bot ,and basically make your phone do anything they want.

Though there have been malwares similar to this one,DroidKungFu differs in the fact that it evades being detected by antivirus softwares.

The later versions of Android have patched these vulnerabilities,but they aren’t entirely secure. The security patches severely limit DroidKungFu, but it is still able to collect some user data – such as your mobile phone device ID number (IMEI) and send them to a remote site.

Researchers are looking out for a solution to this malware.But to prevent such attack on your device,install application only from trusted sources.Be careful when you install a third party app,check the permissions on apps before you install them,have your security soft updated.These steps don’t guarantee you of protection from the malware.But are basic preventive steps.Stay safe!

What do you think of the Malware?You already knew it?got affected by it?Share your thoughts in comments…

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Yes, unfortunately, this is true: Android malware is on the rise. Lately I started to always run a virus scan before downloading a free app.


I think I'm affected!