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New Smartphone OS to be developed by South Korea to compete with iOS and Android

South Korea has announced to develop a new open-source smartphone OS that would rival the Giants like iOS and Android.This news is from the Government officials to Yonhap News.

Kim Jae-hong, a deputy minister from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, said Google’s takeover of Motorola, along with the approximately 17,000 mobile phone-related patents it will acquire, could provide short-term protection for South Korean companies using the open Android system against Apple’s patent claims.

Also he added that by having aquired Motorola Google itself would have power to produce smartphones and would raise as a great competition to Korean manufacturers.

The deputy minister for industry toldĀ  “Because Google is an open-source system, it cannot just switch over to a closed-source system overnight.Still, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of Google jumping into the smartphone business in the future.”

The government of South Korea has proposed to launch a project by the end of 2011 to allow the country’s phone makers to jointly develop a Open-source Mobile OS and a Web-based OS.

The minister Kim also added Samsung had been very negative about joint development of an open OS, but its stance changed greatly after the Google-Motorola merger.

A point to note is Samsung also has its own Mobile OS called BADA which though a success in korea, has failed to attract Global market.

What do you think? Do you think the new Korean OS would be a great success? Share your thoughts in comments…

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