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Survey: What do users feel about ads on smartphone apps [Infographic]

Smartphone users increase day by day, and businesses find it a better place to reach customers.App developers are in need of income.Smartphone users need free apps.This ultimately leads to the developers developing a free app that displays ads from businesses and the user is forced to go with it. Though this is the ecosystem now, is it liked by the users? The ultimate answer we got from our survey is a big NO.

Users  feel that ads on smartphone are much annoying as it is very much noticeable in the small screen. Some people are willing to pay a small amount to remove ads from an app.But almost everyone are against the in-app ads and push notification ads.Users are even ready to share their location and a few agree to receive location based ads, so that they could see at least something related to them.Some users even don’t mind about tracking their activities to deliver better ads.

A shocking fact is many are accepting that they download paid apps from untrusted sources to bypass payment, knowing their security is vulnerable. This shows that users are strictly not wanting to see ads on their precious phone.They feel that paying for apps even after shedding many grands is unfair.One pleasing information is that though the users do not want ads or do not want to pay, most of them value the work of the developer.

58% of the people who took up the survey say that they accept ads if they are allowed to choose what kind of ads they want to view. This gives a hint that rather than saying users don’t want ads, they don’t want to see something which is not needed or interesting to them.

The infographic will give you a much better picture of the stats of the survey we made.Click to enlarge…



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