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Track your health with Livescape: a WP7 app

When life gets too busy and you ignore your health to run more fast, Livescape can help you take care of your health. Livescape, formerly known as Life Tracker, is an activity and nutrition journal for Windows Phone 7 that keeps a track of your daily activities and calculates the burnt number of calories. Not only this, the app monitors your weight, calorie intake, imports nutrition facts with the aid of your phone’s camera using OCR, analyzes your health improvements and share your progress on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The key features of Livescape are:

  • Support for the Metric System, as well as, English Units
  • GPS tracking and logging for your activities (optional)
  • Step counting (Pedometer) with estimated distance traveled and calories burned
  • Ability to scan Nutrition Facts labels using your phone’s camera
  • Consumption Tracking (Food, Drinks) with the ability to enter Nutrition Facts manually
  • Graphing
  • Weight Tracking
  • Blood Pressure Tracking
  • Mood, Stress, Health, and Tranquility Tracking
  • BMI and BMR Calculation
  • Share progress with friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Privacy features (optionally conceal your age and weight when posting to Facebook)
  • Backup and Restore all of your data in Livescape using a free, online service “”
  • Create multiple profiles on your device for family and friends
  • Stop Watch
  • Manually enter or tweak your nutrition activity and history
  • Fertility calculation (be notified on ideal days to conceive a child based on a given fertility cycle)
  • Bonus Feature: Chipotle Mexican Grill calculator(calculate the Nutrition Facts for your favorite Chipotle meals)

See the video to know how Livescape works.

Learn more about Livescape here or Download the application from Windows Phone Martketplace.

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